Committed to providing a secure brokerage for buyers & sellers alike

As a premium domain brokerage we are committed to doing all we can to ensure that the domains on sold through our platform are owned by the seller and do not infringe trademarks

Checks carried out on behalf of buyers…

Proof of ownership

We check to see that our sellers actually own the rights to sell the domains that they are offering though our platform

Trademark infringements

We check  the major trademark databases to ensure that the domain does not infringe any existing word based trademarks

Mis-spelling infringements

We check to ensure that the domain name being offered are not ‘mis-spellings’ of trademarked entities

Checks & Balances

At Ed Domains, we do all we can to ensure that the domains sold through our platform are legitimately available for sale. The three main checks listed above give us this confidence. However, we do not claim that we get these decisions always right!



Questions in this regard…

If you believe that your trademark has been actively infringed and that you have the right of ownership (without paying the current owner) then you may request that we review our relationship with the domain owner. 

Before you do so, please be aware that just trading under a similar or related name to a domain which is for sale (for however long) is not reason enough for a domain owner to have infringed your trademark or your rights. In order to have a case you generally need to demonstrate all 4 of the following:

– That your trading name is a registered ‘word based’ trademark at an international trademark registry, and,

– that the domain in question was registered after your trading name was registered as a trademark at that registry, and,

– that there are no others (eg. another school on earth who has the same or closely similar name) who have a legitimate claim to the name, and,

– that the domain name could only reasonable linked and applied to your registered trademark.



Our advice to you

If you believe you have a clear and unequivocal case, then we recommend that you get in touch with us by completing the Trademark Review Form. We will review and get back to you within 5 working days. As we are not the owner of the domain, our decision will be solely related to our choice to continue to offer the domain through our platform or not. 

If, however, you cannot respond positively to any one of the bullet pointed statements above, then we suggest that you strongly consider purchasing the domain as offered at the best possible price. The cost and effort attached to taking a legal / regulatory approach to securing a domain is often extremely high and the chances of success, variable. In these cases, the long term benefits of domain ownership almost always outweigh the short term cost.

If you choose to take any action against the domain owner, please be advised that we are not able to share any ownership details with any third party as this would breach our strong commitment to our users’ privacy


Our commitment to you…

Going the extra mile
Our team is committed to going the extra mile. To us this means doing things just that little bit better than could be expected, being a bit quicker than the customer expects and always being polite and friendly.
Putting people first
We understand that people are most important and we strive to remember that we are here to support you. We are first and foremost people’s people and know that building strong relationship is what our business is about.
Knowledgeable and accurate
It’s all very well being nice but you expect more than that from us! We will provide you with the right answers at the right time and if we don’t know the answer we will find out quick!