Find out how you can protect your school’s online brand


This 2 minute video provides a quick overview of this important area

There are three main reasons why it is important to protect your brand against potential threats.

Negative Uncontrolled Feedback

Premium Domains can be used to spread negative feedback about your organisation. The closer the domain name associates with your school name, the more difficult it is to couteract.

Other Organisations

There will be someone else who will be interested in you brand name. Perhaps on the other side of the earth. However, online, physical location is irrelevant and confusion is easy.

Aggressive Hacking Attacks

Hackers are known to use domain names with close brand connection to extort or blackmail organisations and customers. Phishing attacks often use domain names closely associated with the target brand.

Answers to your brand protection questions…

How does owning our Premium Domain name help us protect our school's brand?

It’s simple. If you own it, no one else can! Premium Domains are unique and irreplaceable. If some one else buys it then they have control of that domain, that realm, which means that they can do what they like with it.

Which option sounds like a smart business decision in this increasingly competitive environment for international schools?

What happens if we don't buy our Premium Domain?

Nothing… until someone else buys it. Then you need to worry about what the new owner is planning because, inevitably, a chunk of web traffic that was aimed for your school heads their way.

If we own this Premium Domain name, can someone else use it?!

No! Domains are unique. Once you own it then you control its usage. Most schools redirect the new domain to their existing address and website ensuring that anyone who enters this URL goes to their site (instead of somewhere else). Other use it to create a specific site for marketing purposes.

Is it a one off sale or will you charge annually?
This is a ‘one off’ sale. Once the domain has been transferred it will belong to your school (just like your existing one). There is an annual maintenance fee (usually under USD100) charged by the domain registry. This has nothing to do with us and is universal.

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