Growing your school’s brand requires investment & time but it is worth it!


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Building your school’s brand is an essential part of your responsibility

Controlling all the options

Going forwards, school’s need to actively take control of their digital brand. Securing premium brand URLs forms an important part of this strategy.

Prioritising online marketing

Word of mouth is incredibly important. Today and in the future, word of mouth travels online. URLs allow you to control the conversation.

Building a global brand

Controlling the access points to the global conversation allows you to control the conversation. Premium Domains are essential tools in this journey.

Answers to your brand building questions…

How do Premium Domains help organisations build their brands?

Global organisations have long understood the power of easy to remember domain names. This is why they will do everything to get control of Premium Domains linked to their brand. Schools have long thought of themselves ‘local’ organisations but this could not be further from the truth. In fact, controlling your school’s global brand is essentially important.

Domains are the gateways to the internet. Control the right ones and you control the message.

If we own this Premium Domain name, can someone else use it?

No! Domains are unique. Once you own it then you control its usage. That’s exactly the reason why it is important for all organisations to invest when they can.

When we own our Premium Domain what should we do with it?

Most schools redirect the new domain to their existing address and website ensuring that anyone who enters this URL goes to their site (instead of somewhere else). Others use it to create a specific site for marketing purposes.

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