We are committed to providing great services

Ed-domains is a company focussed around providing our clients with the very best service possible. Our competant team is committed to providing all the support we can to help our clients to succeed.

Meet our Domain Brokerage Team


Senior Broker

Derek is the Team Lead. He makes sure that our Service Team is providing the very best support at all times. He loves making (and eating) maki.



Working for years in Sales and Marketing, Maria is extremely knowledgeable about branding and brand recognition. To balance her busy work life, she is a passionate swimmer.



Schools will more often than not deal with David when they are purchasing Premium Domain Name. He is a specialist in domain transfer & understands the value of investing in premium domains.

Our commitment to you…

Going the extra mile

Our team is committed to going the extra mile. To us this means doing things just that little bit better than could be expected, being a bit quicker than the customer expects and always being polite and friendly.

Putting people first
We understand that people are most important and we strive to remember that we are here to support you. We are first and foremost people’s people and know that building strong relationship is what our business is about.
Knowledgeable and accurate
It’s all very well being nice but you expect more than that from us! We will provide you with the right answers at the right time and if we don’t know the answer we will find out quick!

Our business model

Ed Domains is an internet domain name brokerage. Although working in the the digital realm, the role of a brokerage is as old as the hills! Our job is simple; to match buyers and sellers offering great value to both. Ed Domains takes a commission from the domain seller and does not charge anything for its services to the buyer. Our open and transparent sales model strives to meet the needs of all parties.